A Guide to Picking the Best Interior Design Company in Overland Park

How to Pick the Best Interior Design Company in Overland Park

The decision to re-design your home in Overland Park, KS leads to an even bigger decision in deciding which interior designer to hire. You may be asking yourself “how do I go about choosing a premier interior designer that will match my style, budget and provide quality workmanship”? When you hire an interior designer, it requires careful thought and consideration. Above and beyond your style, the function and organization of your home and lifestyle needs to be taken into consideration. You need a professional interior designer who can bring it all together to create a beautiful and functional space you will love. This is an important project you will be investing in and you need it to be done right with the perfect vision, highest quality of products and workmanship to last a lifetime.

Review Past Interior Design Projects in Your Area

Research is the key to making the right decision to hire the best interior designers. It is important to review a designer’s portfolio of other homes in the Overland Park area and surrounding communities to get an idea of the designs they have created and if those designs appeal to you.

As you find the interior designers creating beautiful spaces aligned with the look and feel you are seeking, bookmark them and the spaces that appeal to you so that you can reference them when you meet with the designers. When you meet with the interior designers, keep in mind you are interviewing them so make sure they have a personality and vision to match your own as well as ensuring their portfolio is something you LOVE before you hire an interior designer.

What to Look For When Reviewing Interior Designer Portfolios

When reviewing a portfolio, you might see something like this Hearth Room Remodel designed with modern furniture with clean lines.  Do you love the pops of color against soft natural colors in this room?  The placement of furniture and the use of color here give a light, open and airy feel to this space.

The ottomans used are more than just design elements; they also serve as an organizational function, keeping the space clean and neat yet practical.  This room could be a perfect place to gather with your family and friends and would be easy to maintain.  The best interior designers can pull all the necessary elements together with the building or room structure you have to work with and create a beautiful space for you to enjoy.

While looking for that perfect interior designer, examine the before and after pictures in their portfolio and determine if they have the skills and vision you are seeking. Are the room designs up-to-date and do they fit in with the local area? Most importantly, do you love what you see?

This kitchen remodel might bring out some Oohs and Awes!

This before picture shows a nice clean and functional kitchen, but it is dated and lacks design.


This same kitchen has received a beautiful, modern transformation

The new color and arrangement of the new cabinets combined with small changes in celing lights have really opened up this kitchen, making it brighter and more appealing. The kitchen looks bigger and has more eye catching elements than the prior design. This is a great place to serve your family and entertain guests.

Want to see more photos of this kitchen transformation?
We also specialize in living room remodeling and design.

Design Connection, Inc. also specializes in living room or great room remodeling and design projects. We’ve help revive living rooms in Overland Park and surrounding areas for 30+ years.

For this Overland Park great room remodeling project, we provided everything from the AutoCAD drawings and space planning to new furniture, window treatments, artwork, area rugs and accessories along with tile, paint colors, and the hardwood floors. Design Connection, Inc. handled project management to make sure every step in the process went smoothly.

The transformation resulted in a beautiful, classic space. Every element in the new design compliments one another – from the window treatments to the side table accents. The new space is light, inviting and truly a space the homeowners will love and enjoy for years to come.

Modern, classic living room design with grey and blue accents throughout
Take a look at the rest of the whole home remodel project!

Have they won any awards for their work?

When researching professional interior designers, look to see if they have won any awards.  Having won an award for the work they have completed is a great way to measure the quality of work, as well as the creative genius, of the interior design firm.

It is no wonder why this whole home remodeling project in Overland Park won the 2016 national association of remodeling ”REMY” award in 2016.  When you are looking to hire a premier interior designer, you should look for accolades such as the REMY remodeling award of the year.

With an award winning interior designer you will get results like this bathroom in the same home:

The interior designe team at Design Connection, Inc. continued the theme of the rest of the home into this amazing bathroom with its clean, simple and modern design, offering great functionality and organization that is also easy to maintain.

You can just imagine a long, luxurious soak in this fabulous bathtub after a hard day or workout.

When looking to hire an interior designer, it is important to find one in your local area; one who knows the area, the local trends, reputable local contractors and suppliers.

Interested in more information about our Overland Park Interior Design Services?

For the best interior designer in the Overland Park area, contact Design Connection, Inc.  Our interior design experts will bring your dream to life.  With over 30 years in the interior design business, we know how to save you time and money by helping to avoid costly mistakes.  Our trained eye and experience will envision concepts you do not and will bring the “WOW” factor to your new design project.

Our completed projects in Overland Park will speak for themselves as does our reputation and the prestigious interior design “REMY” awards we have received for several years.

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    Don’t just take our word for it!

    “We recently built our first new home and wanted to make sure the flow of colors, design style and furniture were cohesive throughout the house. We met with Arlene and took a leap of faith to work with her and her team. The Design Connection team helped us choose paint colors, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile, floor color, carpeting, and furniture for the main living area. They also provided design help with cabinetry and our wine cellar as well as many other elements that needed to be coordinated with the builder. We are delighted with our new home and have received many compliments from our guests. We appreciate all the guidance, suggestions, and assistance Design Connection provided.”

    – Deb & Tom Swensen