What’s new? We’ll tell you! Design Connection, Inc. is bringing you the latest and greatest in interior designing and decorating trends. We’ll admit it, design trends are always coming and going but we could see the ombre effect sticking around for some time though, so read on!

Watercolor-inspired prints are the “in” décor trend at the moment. In a way it’s reminiscent of a child’s art class mixed with a bit of the sea. Everything from splashes and waterdrops to ombre effects are proving themselves to be a hit in décor.

From pillows and curtains to bedding and upholstery to vases and lamps. You’ll be sure to see this trend popping up soon in our Kansas City metro area’s furniture and decorating stores… if you haven’t already.

Typically you will find the watercolor-inspired hues coming in a subdued variety. They might give you the feeling that you’re about to open your window and see the ocean, which here in the Midwest, we know how impossible that feeling is to create, especially with winter pounding at our door.

However, when it comes to the ombre effect, all I have to say is “Hello color!” People have really been embracing their creativity with this style. Bring on shades of pinks or greens and purples. Make a statement and fade from one bold color to another. The choice is yours.

This style is great for mixing in a variety of colors in your home. If you love the eclectic look or if you want to just play with more color while decorating, you can tie multiple shades together with an ombre effect. Get creative and have fun with it!

Pier 1 Imports Brown Ombre Rug - Rothko Ombre Painting

These trends are something we cannot wait to try in our clients’ homes. By installing bright shades in your homes now, it’ll make the drab winter months go by quicker.

We hope you’ve been inspired and want to embrace these hues and styles in your home. And as always, if you need any help styling this look, we’d love to help. We offer complimentary in-studio consultations by appointment and invite you to contact us anytime by phone 913-210-0511, filling out this form online CLICK HERE, or coming by the office at 10520 Barkley Suite 140, Overland Park, KS 66212.