Lately, people have been talking of nothing else but the economy. We have also been talking about it at our own office, both professionally and personally. I have never been about budget decorating, but about the value in doing design that is classic in styling. It is about a beautiful environment and creating a home that will withstand the years of use by both pets and children, yet still look great. Trends come and go, and if we buy what’s in style today, and not think about how it will look a few years from now, we often will ask ourselves “What were we thinking?” When we invest in design pieces that are classic in styling, we will generally love them today and tomorrow.

I dated a man in the eighties who had a home with a lime green shag carpeting. It was definitely installed in the early seventies and looked dated. I knew I wasn’t moving into this home with the lime green carpeting. If the carpeting had been a great neutral color, which could range from any beige, brown, whites or grays, I wouldn’t have remembered the carpet to this day and would have been happy to live with what was there until it could have been changed. It was a deal breaker for me.

What I am recommending today is to stay neutral and play up the trends in wall color and accessories. Feel good this year, and buy a few pieces of beautiful classic furniture or simple drapery with beautiful lush fabrics.

I am ready to turn the page from last year to this year. We want to wish all who read this blog a healthy and happy New Year and a year that is calmer and has hope for peace.
– Arlene