It’s hard to believe that spring is here. It seems to have been a long winter.

I have many a clients ask me about ceramic or hardwood floors, and what would be my preference. I have had both in my main living areas. I had tile while living in Switzerland and they had water running throughout the flooring system. It was warm and wonderful. I enjoyed the easy care of tile and it did not show dog stains or scratches. I now have wood and I love the beauty of it. I had my floors refinished a few years ago and with 2 dogs and children they could use to be refinished again. It is really personal. I love both styles of flooring.

I think it depends on the style of your home and what kind of traffic you have. I would spend time asking friends and neighbors which they prefer and you will come to your own conclusion. I will say that carpet in kitchens and bathrooms is not in vogue at this time.

Enjoy the sunshine.
– Arlene