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Using Rapidly Renewable Resources in Interior Design

Turn on the news lately and chances are you’ll see someone talking about the oil spill in the gulf and the effect it will have on our environment and the way we live. Most of you probably haven’t thought about the impact it will have on design, but everything from concept and fabrication to shipping and installation probably factors in oil in some way, shape or form. This week I wanted to take a minute and tell you about other rapidly renewable resources that you can incorporate into your home decor from floors to walls, these are choices you can really feel good about.

Cork mosaic sideboard from Iannone Design

The Three F’s of Custom Furniture Design

Going to High Point Market in North Carolina to see all the latest offerings in furniture and interior design. I’m excited to be spending time at the C.R. Laine showroom because they are a vendor I use quite a bit. The quality of their furniture, fabrics and finishes is superb and I am so excited to introduce them to those of you who may not know about them. If you are looking for custom furniture in Kansas City and like what you see, I hope you’ll think of me and the team at Design Connection. We can help you design furniture that is perfect and tailored specifically for you!