Modern convenience? There’s an app for that. It’s true! Home automation isn’t just a trend. It will not be going out of style anytime, ever. If you are at all like me (I am still trying to forge a friendship with my iPad), don’t worry. You are not alone. The Interior Design Team at Design Connection, Inc. Kansas City is here to show you the beauty of user-friendly home technology.

After a long, stress-filled day with constant action and no relaxation, submerging yourself in a warm bath can work wonders for your body and mind. But once you’ve sunken into the couch and put your feet up, how likely are you to get up and draw yourself bath? Now you don’t have to. Made easier than ordering a pizza online, you can place an order for a bubble bath from your tablet, phone or computer. ihouse designed an intelligent bathtub system that has taken the art of bathing to a futuristic level. This contemporary free standing bathtub isn’t just “smart”, it’s genius. The Smart Hydro remembers your bathing preferences, like the water level and the amount of bath essence and light intensity you desire. It doesn’t just remember your ideal water temperature, it maintains it throughout your entire bath. Whenever it’s turned on, the Smart Hydro monitors its vital systems; if it identifies a potential problem, it automatically communicates with tech support. It can solve it’s own problems without ever having to involve you. Now that’s relaxing! And so is the hydromassage function. Personally, I find the self-cleaning feature to be as equally relaxing.

If baths aren’t your thing, shower enthusiasts can enjoy the glow of being pampered, too. Did I say glow? I meant tan. You can get a tan while you shower! Safer than going to the tanning bed and blasting your skin with large amounts of UV, the ProSun SunShower is the closest thing you can get to natural sunlight. If you have always wanted an outdoor shower but don’t have the floorplan to make that happen, or the neighbors who would appreciate the view, you can “shower outdoors” within the comforts of your own bathroom. If you are one of the 20% of Americans who get the winter blues, a sun shower may help. At the very least, it can get rid of those pesky tan lines with lamp controls that target pale areas that, ahem, the sun rarely sees.

Household appliances are getting smarter and smarter. Refrigerators are now taking on the occupation of kitchen managers. The days of standing in the grocery store, staring into the abyss of the dairy aisle, wondering if you need milk, or not, are over. And so are the days of agonizing over what to make for dinner. Your refrigerator can figure it out for you. You can use it’s LCD panel, your phone or your tablet to keep track of exactly what’s inside, it’s location and when it expires. Perishable items can be entered into the refrigerator’s database by selecting icons on the LCD panel, using voice commands or even by scanning receipts and bar codes with your smartphone. When you come back from the store with a car full of groceries, simply scan your receipt and send it to your refrigerator to update your inventory. How convenient is that!?

In turn, your refrigerator can recommend recipes based on your inventory and even send you coupons for items you need. Once you select a recipe, you can send a command to your smart stove with preheat instructions. All of this can be done from your smartphone!

Now that you’ve got your recipe, it’s time to cook. Boil water? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Induction cook tops that can boil water in 90 seconds have been on the market for quite some time, but they have recently gotten even cooler. Gaggenau’s innovative new 36-inch induction cook top is exactly that. A 36-inch cook top. There is no designated space that you must place your pots and pans; you have the entire 3 feet to work with. When cookware is moved, the smart surface detects the new position and can adjust it’s heat accordingly. The touch-screen display allows you to establish cooking zones and times, which then shut off automatically.

Appliances communicating with each other, doors unlocking via cell phone and apps for things you never would have never imagined can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, most of the home automation gadgets and devices are getting easier to use and are being embraced by many who have resisted welcoming this type of technology into their homes. Even companies like Comcast have simplified our desire to stay connected; wireless video home security systems and home automation services can be bundled right into your cable package.

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