Every year we are faced with the challenge of finding the perfect Holiday gift. Here at Design Connection, Inc. we came up with a quick list of five interior design holiday gifts. Here are some guidelines when selecting your gifts. Keep the style of the home in mind. Keep in neutral enough to be able to fit into any room. Your gift should not be practical, it should be the gift of a little bit of luxury.

Candles are always a great gift. They add warmth and cheer to any space. They often come in pretty boxes or containers and make the perfect little accessory. I like to buy candles from local manufacturers because it makes the gift a bit more special. Remember- select a neutral scent since stronger smells are a personal preference. Trapp is a local store all about fragrance, we have been using and giving their candles for years.

Baskets are very handy to have around the home. They are great for quickly rounding up items such as kids toys or blankets or clutter. I like Pottery Barns Havana baskets, because they come in all sizes, are sturdy and they can blend well into most room styles.

Trays make great focal points on coffee tables, desks or bedroom dressers. They have a great way of being able to group items in one place. Trays can be both decorative and functional. An extra tray at a dinner party is always appreciated. I love how there is a website for everything these days, we found these trays at – you guessed it, leathertray.com.

Blankets or throws are comfy and cozy this time of year. Here is an opportunity to give a bit of luxury with a cashmere throw. With this gift I would make it a bit more fun, but selecting a great bold pattern that is meant to stand out in a room. We found this blanket on cococozy check it out for more ideas on how to drape the throw in many creative ways.

Flowers are always a treat that instantly liven up a room. Whenever we finish a project and take professional pictures, we usually add a bouquet of fresh flowers. This adds a great feeling to the room. Go ahead and pick out a nice vase to add on to the gift. For unique and special arrangements go visit the Dan Meiners Studio downtown.

If you would like to take your gift giving to the next level and give the gift of design – We can help. Contact our office to learn more about about us and our process, and we will explain to you how we can make your gift of interior design happen. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season I hope that your lives are all blessed and that many great things will come your way next year.