What design element combines art, practicality and unexpected impact?  Wallpaper!

The simple and elegant addition of wallpaper can create a winning solution for a variety of spaces. Wallpaper works, from small rooms to high-use areas to high-impact spaces. Here’s a view into the uses of this versatile design material.

Powder Room Perfect

Small powder rooms are perfect spaces to go bold with wallpaper. This beautiful, large-scale floral pattern creates a feeling of depth in this small space!

This client’s powder room glows in the beautiful sheen of this metallic silver wallpaper. It makes this small area feel majestic. So sophisticated!

Vinyl: Beauty and Protection

High-traffic and moisture-prone areas can be problem areas in any home. Vinyl wallpapers are a chic solution! These clients loved their Golden Retrievers, but not the mess they created by shaking off wet weather conditions.

Design Connection, Inc. created this combination mud room/laundry room, complete with dog kennels. Vinyl wallpaper gave this utilitarian space an elegant upgrade. The practical bonus? It protects the “dog room” walls from furry wet friends.

Vinyl is also a practical and beautiful solution for bathrooms. Design Connection, Inc. created this spacious bathroom with ageing-in-place features to accommodate a wheel chair and assistive devices. The vinyl wallpaper protects the walls from wear and tear, and also blends with the elegant and understated styling.



Swoon-Worthy Statement Walls

An unexpected, artful  pattern dresses walls to impress! In this bedroom, wallpaper creates a  statement wall behind the bed and makes the teal accents pop.

Large-scale patterns bring a sense of depth to walls – and interest to a room. Treatments like this faux marble and full-bloom floral bring dimension and intriguing interest!

This soothing gray, white and pale yellow palette compliments the large-scale pattern.

An unexpected wow factor livens up a space! With a wall covering this dramatic, it’s best to work with an experienced interior designer who can maximize the impact of the walls with a well thought-out design concept.

When you’re ready for a remodel, I can help you find the perfect design for your space and just the right touches to transform your home. It’s what I do, and I love what I do! Contact me to set up a consultation! Call me at (913) 851-8776 or email me at Arlene@DesignConnectionInc.com.


Arlene Ladegaard