“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” the Wizard instructs Dorothy in the classic film, “The Wizard of Oz.”  For the Design Connection, Inc. team, paying attention to the window treatments in a room is an essential component of smart and beautiful design. In this blog, we’re sharing our tips for winning window treatments.

Design Tip: Go Sleek in an Open Concept

Open concept design flows from space to space, giving a home an open and airy feel. In this home remodel, Design Connection, Inc. chose blues and grays throughout the kitchen and family room spaces. Because the windows in this open area provide ample natural light, motorized shades were the perfect solution. These gray linen shades with navy trim provide a harmonizing accent to the overall design concept. Best of all, our client can easily adjust the natural light.

Design Tip: Add Panels for Panache

Monochrome spaces, especially kitchens, often benefit from a touch of textile. Drapery panels are the perfect, practical accent! The plaid panels introduce a touch of warmth and color and can also provide privacy.

Design Tip: Take Draperies (almost) to the Floor

This fireplace is flanked by chairs in front of narrow windows with shutters, and a larger window facing the wall. Plaid draperies soften the space and introduce a coziness that complements the shutters. Draperies that almost touch the floor – with about a half inch of clearance – work best for creating a fluid line that doesn’t collect dust bunnies.

Design Tip: Think Night, Not Light, in the Bedroom

More than any other space in your home, a bedroom should be peaceful and tranquil. Window treatments that control the amount of light are a better choice than treatments that amplify natural light.

For this client’s bedroom, the Design Connection, Inc. team created custom drapery panels and took them almost to the floor. The white linen fabric with a contrasting band of blue blends perfectly with the color scheme. The drapes also have a blackout lining to ensure a good night’s sleep! We coordinated the draperies with a custom shade for the door leading to the patio.

Design Tip: Drapes Layered Over Shutters? Yes, Please!

As we’ve advised, shutters are an excellent solution for controlling the amount of natural light in a room – they are durable and don’t fade over time. Yet draperies add interest and  character to a room. Drapery panels plus shutters are a winning combination! For this client’s great room, the panels soften the lines of the stone fireplace and window shutters.

Design Tip: When Windows Aren’t a Focal Point

Sometimes windows aren’t the focal point of a space – like this client’s great room.  For window placement like this, we recommend window treatments in soft colors that will blend with the walls and trim.

To allow the fireplace and built-ins to take center stage, we installed motorized wood blinds in a white finish. The result? Window treatments that harmonize with the beauty of this transitional room design.

Design Tip: From Bare to Beautiful

 In some homes, window treatments are more than light sources – they are architectural elements. Although our client’s windows are beautiful on their own, they looked stark without window treatments.

For this stunning, focal-point wall of windows, Design Connection, Inc chose understated elegance. Gray linens, chrome rods and crystal finials keep the high-style vibe without upstaging the windows or view. The new draperies complement the dramatic beauty of the space.

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Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. Team

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Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler