“With wine and hope, anything is possible.”

So goes the Spanish proverb, and it seems especially relevant during our days of sheltering in place. If you take your wine seriously – or even if you don’t – you’ll enjoy this tour of wine cellars and wet bars created by the Design Connection, Inc. team.

Global Wines in a World-Class Cellar

Our well-traveled clients appreciate fine wines. So a wine cellar was a must-have! The temperature-controlled wine cellar we designed for them can accommodate a wine collection of more than 1,000 bottles from across the globe.

Wine Cellar During Remodel

With a tasteful mix of racks, X-cabinets and grid storage to house the collection, Design Connection, Inc. created a beautiful and functional space. The custom-made tasting table is a focal point for the cellar. The back wall cabinetry is designed to hold wine accessories, glasses and photos from our client’s travels. It’s a perfect place to uncork a favorite bottle for a quiet evening at home!

Wine Cellar After

Cool in so Many Ways: The High-Design Cellar

Our clients are wine enthusiasts and wanted a space to store their wine collection in optimal, cool conditions and with plenty of style. The Design Connection, Inc. team developed a detailed floor plan for these serious collectors, turning their lower level into a full-on, high-design cellar.

Wine Cellar Elevations

How you store your wine affects its quality. For this project, a consistent, cool temperature was key. We added sturdy racking for open storage of our client’s impressive wine collection. Tile floors, open shelving and track lighting enhance this functional and show-stopping space. Cheers!

Wine Cellar After

Maximum Cool Wet Bar

The bar in this client’s home was closed off in a dark closet. For this whole home remodel, the Design Connection, Inc. team combined the existing bar space with an adjacent closet to create an expanded wet bar.

Wet Bar Before

The new bar is everything a bar should be: eye-catching and well-lit!  We used a glass mosaic tile in a spectrum of colors and rectangular sizes to catch the light and compliment the cabinets. The cabinetry used in this wet bar matches the cabinetry in the kitchen for a cohesive and beautiful design flow.

Wet Bar After

Gloomy to Gorgeous Wet Bar

This wet bar had great storage, but it felt cluttered and gloomy. The Design Connection, Inc. team kept the dimensions and cabinetry of the space, and focused on making it more open and inviting.

Wet Bar Before

The transformation was dramatic! We painted the cabinets in a cool gray and added a counter top and back splash in a range of grays and whites. Silver leafing and interior lighting transformed the upper cabinets from average to elegant!

Wet Bar After

Bulky to Beautiful Wet Bar

This wet bar, situated at the back of the living room, was unremarkable behind its heavy paneled doors. As part of this living room remodel, the Design Connection, Inc. team opened up and streamlined the bar space so that it integrated with other design elements in the room.

Wet Bar Before

The new look combines rich brown cabinetry with a counter top and back splash in tonal whites. The upper cabinets add a layer of light to the room with glass doors and interior lighting.

Wet Bar After

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Wine (in moderation) and Hope (in abundance) are good for the soul. On behalf of the Design Connection, Inc. Team, it is my hope that you and your family are staying safe, and staying well. Here’s to all of us, as we toast to our hopes for the future.

With Our Best Wishes to all of you,


Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. Team


We don’t design for what’s next. We design for what lasts.

Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler