What’s the most important element in designing a space?

Is it a sofa, a bed or a table? Is it the rug? The answer isn’t one single furnishing or finish in a room. It’s the balance of texture and pattern that elevates a space from ordinary to extraordinary!

Pattern is a repeated graphic image created on materials, such as fabric or tile, or created using a variety of materials. Texture describes the surface quality of materials, which can include rough, plush, variegated or smooth. Today, we’re showcasing the balance of pattern and texture in these Design Connection Inc projects. Read on to see the beautiful results, and our design tips!

Large-Scale Pattern

A neutral color palette is a great choice for a tranquil space, like this sitting room. Even in neutral tones, a large-scale pattern is visually interesting and eye-catching. Dark wood chair frames with carved details balance the pattern.

Design Tip:  Be intentional about the placement of bold patterns. Large-scale or bright patterns will define the focal points of a space. A bold pattern commands attention, even on a small chair in a corner.

Textured Wall

Like bold patterns, large areas of varied texture create a focal point for a room. The unique shapes and shades in this floor-to-ceiling stone wall are the definition of high-impact texture! Smooth leather and straight lines in the ottomans and chairs compliment the dramatic wall treatment.

Design Tip: Rough textures, like variegated stone, or furnishings with live edges, make a big statement. Strike a balanced tone with a blend of rough and smooth textures.

Power Pattern in the Powder Room

Powder rooms are perfect for going bold with pattern. This beautiful, large-scale floral pattern creates a feeling of depth in this small space!

Design Tip: A big, bold wallpaper pattern in a small, enclosed space works! Choose a color palette that coordinates with the style of your home for a fun and unexpected touch.

Great Room, Great Rug Texture

Pattern, color and texture meet in this room-anchoring, focal point rug. The plush pile, vivid tones and varied patterns command the space! With colors this strong, we unified the room with softer tones of blue, simple fabric weaves in the seating fabrics and straight lines in the furnishings. Pillows in a small-scale pattern echo the colors in the rug.

Design Tip: Add focal texture and pops of color to a room with a patterned rug. Keep other texture and textiles simple, with muted tones from the colors in the rug.

Light and Texture in a Small Space

 The way that textures reflect or absorb light change the mood of a space. Light colors and smooth texture will reflect the light, while darker colors and rough or flat texture will absorb light. These smooth and luminous bathroom walls reflect light and brighten the room. They also create contrast with the deeper tones of the tile.

Design Tip: In small space or areas with limited natural light, luminous or reflective surfaces work best. Wallpaper with a metallic sheen will reflect and maximize the impact of lighting.

Night and Day in a Large Space

Natural light, and lighting from fixtures, also affect how textures and colors look, which can change over the course of a day. This living room gets lots of natural light in the daytime. The glass-topped coffee tables reflect light and attract attention to the center of the room. The sofa and chairs are upholstered in neutral fabric with a flat weave, non-reflective texture for balance. The glass and metal ceiling fixture in a gold finish centers the room and fills it with reflected light in the evenings.

Design Tip: Time of day and the light sources affect how surfaces appear in a room. Place reflective furnishing and lighting with reflective materials, such as metal and glass, in the center of the room. Use flat textures to absorb light in other areas.

Designer’s Notebook: Designing a Room with Texture and Pattern

Texture and pattern are the building blocks of an interior design concept. Our team constantly creates and refines design concepts for high-style and comfortable living spaces. Here are a few of our recent favorites.

Blue Patterns and Textures

Rich Browns and Golds

Wood and Stone with Gold Accents

Our best to you all,

Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. Team


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